The Scarcity GP Access Fund is open for investment from wholesale investors. 

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Scarcity Partners provides capital and deep sector expertise to investment management businesses with significant growth potential and the opportunity for investors to invest in such businesses.

We help investment management firms realise their full potential faster. This benefits those firms’ founders, their clients and those that back them.

We have a singular focus on the investment management sector. It’s a niche that’s understood by few private equity firms and traditionally difficult for investors to access. Yet it’s a sector that benefits from above-average tailwinds and has a proven track record of delivering uncorrelated returns for investors.

Accelerating growth and scale for investment management businesses

Uncorrelated and high potential returns for investors

The Scarcity difference

Exposure to a highly attractive industry with multiple tailwinds
Participation in unique portfolio of businesses with significant potential which are privately held and typically inaccessible
A deeply experienced team with an exceptional record of success building investment management businesses across multiple transactions, asset classes, and managers
Significant return potential and diversification benefits
A new and scarce
alpha source

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